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 Class and Workshop Descriptions
Golden Acrylic Lecture Demonstration
    This lecture packs in a ton of valuable information about acrtylics, guiding listeners through the basics while opening up new possibilities.  Gain information about mineral and modern pigments an how this relates to clean color mixing, glazing and the creation of fabulous new colors.  Learn the unique properties of Fluids, Heavy Body, OPEN and High Flow Acrylics.  discover Interference and Iridescent paints for unusual effects.  Get comprehensive overview on the many Gels and Mediums and how they can change texture, saturation and intensity of color, use for sculptural effects and more.  The lecture includes a review of Grounds that create truly, contemporary surfaces for painting, drawing, pastel, digital printing and mixed media.  Each lecture includes an array of examples of these materials put to use.  Attendees leave the lecture enthusiastic to explore the extensive potential of acrylic painting.  The lecture also includes a brief introduction to our non acrylic products, Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors and QoR Watercolor.

Acrylic 101-Learning to paint realistically in Acrylic
     This class covers the basics of painting with acrylics.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, this is the class for you.  Learn fundamental tachniques used by the instructor to create realistic images.  Each student will have individual attention, and the instructor will demonstrate all the techniques used to paint a small still life.  

Painting the Portrait in Acrylic
    This class will cover the fundamentals of painting the portrait in acrylic.  the instructor will demonstrate the techniques needed to paint a realistic portrait.  Students will follow along as they paint from a photograph.  Students must have good drawing skills and previous painting experience.

Incorporating Acrylic Skins into your paintings
     Have fun in this non objective class.  Learn how to make your own acrylic skins, and use them in your paintings, collages, or craft projects.  Each student will make several skins to take home and utilize some pre-made skins in an art project of their choice.


February 19 2015
7pm - 9pm
Angeles Crest Art Guild
Location yet to be determined
Golden Acrylic Lecture/Demonstration
See above for description

February 28 
Golden Acrylic LectureDemonstration
See description above
Swains Art Supply
537 N. Glendale Ave
Glendale CA 91207
March 6   10am-2pm
Acrylic 101 - Learning to paint realistically in acrylic
Carter Sexton Art Supply
5308 Laurel Canyon Blvd
N. Hollywood Ca
818 763-5050

March 18 2015
Portrait Demonstration
Burbank Art Association
301 E. Olive Ave #102
Burbank CA 91507
Free Portrait Painting Demonstration
Non-Members 5$ at door

April 4  1-3pm
Golden Acrylic Lecture Demonstration
Continental Art Supply
7041 Reseda Blvd
Reseda CA
818 345-1044

April 10
Creating and using acrylic skins in your paintings
Carter Sexton Art Supply
5308 Laurel Cyn Blvd
N. Hollywood CA
818 763-5050

April 25  11am-3pm
Acrylic 101 - Learning to paint realistically in acrylic
Continental Art Supply
7041 Reseda Blvd
Reseda CA
818 345-1044

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